Carina Sohaili

Sohaili’s passions have gravitated around the mind, in her athletic, academic and artistic pursuits. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sohaili was a USTA junior tennis player and graduated Cum Laude from George Washington University in 2010 with a Bachelors in Psychology, concentrating in Cognitive Neuroscience.

Evolution by Carina Sohaili is a series of abstract acrylic, epoxy resin and mica mineral paintings created at her studio in Los Angeles. The series took two years to complete (2016-2018). Pieces from this series have been acquired by The Frederick R. Weisman Museum and Art Foundation as well as a group of prestigious private collectors such as Sydney Picasso. Sohaili also donated to the Venice Family Clinic Art Walk and Silent Auction (2019), and was again invited to participate in the VFC Silent Auction in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 in collaboration with Artsy. Recently, Sohaili has completed her newest series Catharsis (2019-2021) which was also displayed in Pivot: The Abstract of Will at the Charles Lo Bue Gallery. She has an upcoming Solo Exhibition with select works from both series in collaboration with Gallery 612 (Santa Monica, CA) Summer 2024.

Through mixed media, Sohaili explores light, perception and motion which allows the painting to take on a life of its own. Each piece has a strategic point where everything comes together in a symphony. Sohaili emerges with wiser eyes by trusting herself and relinquishing to a process that cannot be predicted. Combining epoxy resin with high flow acrylics and mica minerals, along with multiple layers and contrasting textures, allows light to refract differently from each angle. Thus, enabling the viewer to discover a new version of the piece as they move. Uninhibited freedom.